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Colourful Cocktail


Tropical kitsch shirt US$24.95
Super Massive
Iconic stripe belt bag $30.00 US$19.99
Adidas Originals
Tropical kitsch pull-on short $40.00 US$24.95
Super Massive
Iconic piqué polo $79.00 US$54.95
Polo Ralph Lauren
Skewered fruits socks $13.00 US$5.99
Fun Socks
Island pineapple polo US$89.00
Polo Ralph Lauren

LE 31: Nautical Chic

Set sail for maritime menswear: Ocean blues, seersucker stripes, linen, and polos are in your sights.

Iconic piqué polo $79.00 US$54.95
Polo Ralph Lauren

Editor's pick

Minimalist leather sneakers US$79.00
Madras check Bermudas $69.00 US$39.95
Le 31
Natural shower gel US$20.00
YLF shower gel US$40.00
Triumph & Disaster
Online only

LE 31: Breezy Tropical

Vacation essentials: Camp shirts, fun and fruity patterns, pastels, and bright white.

Editor's pick

Bennie round sunglasses US$15.00
Le 31
Sylas baseball cap US$30.00
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