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Simons Maison - home fashion

Enjoy instant access to our selection of summery pieces and sought-after brands at exceptional prices.

Kitchen & Dining

Your Table Under the Sun

Prepared with affection and shared in a warm, sunny atmosphere, meals take on a special meaning. They speak of summertime, laughter, and, above all else, expressions of love!


Fiji Islands vinyl tablecloth

Starting at
Fiji Islands Vinyl Tablecloth Designed by Danica Exclusively at Simons Maison

JAW Pottery

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jessie A. Wright handcrafts ceramic pieces designed to be used and cherished in our homes. Modern and timeless, her sleek creations are brought to life featuring fun splashes of colour.

Splash of Colour Stoneware Mug Handmade by JAW Pottery at Fabrique 1840
Splash of Colour Stoneware Travel Mug Handmade by JAW Pottery at Fabrique 1840
Splash of Colour Stoneware Butter Dish Handmade by JAW Pottery at Fabrique 1840
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